Who is Ana Morgado?

Who is Ana Morgado?

Behind a face, there is always a story.

Stories made up of good times and the challenges that life throws at us, stubbornly putting us to the test.

My path in the real estate business began somewhat by chance and quite against the odds. Sometimes you have to give a chance that you never thought you'd do, in order to find out if it's really for you or not.

In my case... it was! I'm grateful every day for the decision I made, which led me to get here, where I am today, completely in the world of luxury real estate, inspired by the power of turning dreams into reality.

I started in the real estate business in 2010.

Those were difficult times, which left their mark on me and which I now relate in a very positive way to the path I have taken so far.

After a break, I returned in 2014 almost as a miracle, but this time I was determined to stay and nothing was going to keep me away.

I launched my personal project with my brand ANA MORGADO Properties in 2016, and since then it's been a crescendo of learning and great challenges.

But life takes many turns and sometimes you have to stop and pay attention to the opportunities that cross your way.

ANA MORGADO Properties and KW PRO

That was what happened to me when a friend challenged me to join the KW PRO project here at Quinta da Beloura.

I confess that I hesitated, but after a lot of thought, knowing the project and the team, I surrendered.

This was the opportunity to continue doing what I love most, continuing my career in the Quinta da Beloura market.

I restructured my company and now I work with a multidisciplinary team that helps me with everything I need and allows me to focus more on what is most important to my business... my clients!

By working as part of a team with a major brand like KW PRO, I can access the best of both worlds. Maintaining my independence as an agent, but with the support of a highly experienced multidisciplinary team. This means I can concentrate more on what I do best and what really sets me apart: serving my clients and finding the best properties for them.

Sharing this path with KW PRO is a decision that fills me with anticipation. KW PRO brings together outstanding and dedicated real estate professionals who share the same commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We have access to advanced resources, innovative technology and growth opportunities that we put at your disposal.

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